Movement Creations is an international casting agency giving platforms genuinely to the artists of visual world straight to the channel worldwide.

About Us

We are a team of individuals who focus upon the authenticity of the product; be it its inception,branding,marketing etc.Our purpose is to guide you to the genuine person you are looking for.There are innumerable fake IDs/false agents who claims themselves to be the exact person you are eagerly desperate to meet.Whereas,the truth behind the story is that these aforesaid people work in disguise and appear as a ray of hope and use the innocent artists mentally,physically and financially altogether. 

Team of Professionals

We supply professionally trained artists and models.When you hire them from us,you can rest assured that there will be no hiccups during your events. 

Our Motto

Our main objective is to awaken the entire artist fraternity against these cons or say counterfeit replicas and put their talent in the right doorstep. 

Amateurs Platform

While the thought arises in your mind how to approach the right person in the industry,here we promise to help and guide the amateurs or the freshers.Before they get misguided, we assure them the appropriate information to enter the industry. 


To consistently provide delightful and innovative entertainment experiences by engaging audiences and nuturing talent.
We believe in pure talent where there is no scope for casting couch or another fake need.Apart from this we provide the freedom to artists to work freelance ie. he/she is free to work anywhere without making any bonds/contract with us.It’s just that simple that u get paid for ur talent and potential through us. 

Our Perception

Classes/Talent Hunt
We have a full proof thought of placing our

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registered artists to cater them the services of grooming them via classes viz.Acting,modelling,singing or dancing and then setting their benchmark in the industry so they are welcomed with open arms.Apart from this, if the registered artist is auditioned and shortlisted for talent hunt,he/she would be given a golden opportunity to be casted in our upcoming reality shows/projects/ liaison partner shows. 

Casting Process

The casting process involves a series ofauditions before a casting panel, composed of individuals such as the producer, directorand/or choreographer. In the early stages of the process, performers often may present prepared audition pieces such as monologuesor songs. These audition pieces are usually video taped, attached with resumes, and head shots and then shared with producers, directors and studio representatives. Later stages may involve groups of actors attempting material from the work under consideration in various combinations; the casting director considers both the talent of the individual actors and the chemistry of their combination. 
An actor may go through several casting calls before receiving a part,but here we as a team professionally train our registered artist and specialize them according to their talent,so that they may not get humiliated. 

Modeling Process

A legitimate modeling agency should have knowledge of the market place and honestly evaluate models for their market.Movement Creations have contacts with photographers, graphic designers, and printers to prepare a model’s marketing materials. 

Future Prospects

• Films (Hindi,Regional, Foreign Language)
• Web Series
• Tv Reality Shows
• Tv Serials
• Stand up Comedy Shows
• Viral Vids


We are desperate to distribute your product worldwide,where we would be promoting the project at the global forum. 

Our Team

Seema Uniyal
Anshul Soni
Ambrish Anand 
Managing Director
M. Naseem (Kallu), Brother of junior Mehmood